pharmacist's hands using a mortar and pestle
Quality compounding services at our Pharmacy in Herndon, Virginia to tend to your special medication needs.

Herndon Pharmacy and Medical Supply provide compounding services to address your unique medication needs. Through compounding, we can formulate medications customized according to your preference.

We know that safety is a significant concern for our customers. That is why we make sure that our compounded medications are formulated within a safe and clean facility complete with the latest compounding technology and equipment. Our compounding pharmacists will see to it that medications are compounded accurately and efficiently using the correct procedures and good quality control measures.

Our compounding services cover the following:

  • Anti-Aging Compounding – compounding medications that can help you look and feel younger according to your specific body composition
  • Dental Compounding – formulating products that can help treat gum diseases or ulcers as well as for cosmetic purposes
  • Flavor Compounding – enhancing the taste of medications, making them easier to swallow
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy – providing women with specifically compounded medications to increase their normal hormone level
  • Hospice Compounding – compounding medications for use in the hospice setting
  • Men’s Health Compounding – addressing the individual symptoms experienced specifically by men
  • Pain Management Compounding – formulating medications that help provide pain relief with fewer side effects
  • Pediatric Compounding – formulating medicines that your child can take easily
  • Sports Compounding – tending to the medication needs of athletes
  • Veterinary Compounding – creating medicines specifically suited for your pet’s situation

We can alter your medications to make it easier for you to take them easier by:

  • Adding flavor
  • Combining multiple medications to avoid confusion
  • Changing the dosage form

Please do take note that we need a written prescription from your doctor or veterinarian (for veterinary compounding) prior to rendering our compounding services.

To take advantage of our services or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.