compression stockings
If you need special stockings to maintain proper circulation, we have just what you need.

Do you have a condition that requires you to wear compression stockings?

These are special stockings that maintain proper circulation in your lower limbs by applying pressure on your legs. You may be prescribed to wear these if you have a condition that causes poor blood circulation, such as varicose veins, congestive heart failure, or lymphoedema.

We have a wide selection of compression stockings in different colors, lengths, and sizes. You can find the ones that suit you perfectly here.

To ensure the best fit for you, talk to your physician for advice on wearing compression stockings.

Comprinetr Forte (Thigh High)
Comprinetr Pro
Comprinetr Pro (Thigh High)
JOBST® Active Wear
JOBST® Classic Chap Style
JOBST® Classic Knee High
JOBST® Classic Maternity
JOBST® Classic Thigh High
JOBST® Elvarex
JOBST® Elvarex Soft
JOBST® Elvarex Soft Seamless
JOBST® forMen Ambition Knee High
JOBST® forMen Casual Knee High
JOBST® forMen Explore Knee High
JOBST® forMen Knee High
JOBST® forMen Thigh High
JOBST® Opaque Knee High
JOBST® Opaque Maternity
JOBST® Opaque Waist High
JOBST® Relax Lower Extremities
JOBST® soSoft Knee Brocade
JOBST® soSoft Knee Ribbed
JOBST® Sport Knee High
JOBST® Travel Socks Knee High
JOBST® UlcerCare Knee High
JOBST® UlcerCare Liners
JOBST® Ultrasheer Knee High
JOBST® UltraSheer Maternity
JOBST® UltraSheer Thigh High
JOBST® UltraSheer Waist High