We Coach

The body cannot fully function, let alone heal, in the face of deficiencies. We help you to recognize that particular dysfunction and the symptoms it creates, may have their roots in a physiological or nutritional deficiency. If we focus on the deficiency, we are taking the steps to improvement.

Deficiencies can be in key nutrients, barrier functions, microbial diversity, types of white blood cells and biological factors. Even restrictions to our diet, for our health challenges, can lead to deficiencies. So what do we do when we have undesirable effects due to deficiencies? We guide you to replenish your system to restore your body to its best state.


We Motivate

We help you explore and find resources to meet and improve your Nutritional and Health recovery. We give you guidance in understanding better eating methods, reading labels, and how to inspire you take care of yourself. We help you drill down to deficiencies that you are lacking through testing such as nutritional or GI testing.


We Encourage

We believe in on-going support to your health and wellness. We have a team of experienced members that will educate you to make the best decision for your bio-individuality.

The Herndon Pharmacy & Medical Supply Health & Wellness Program incorporates consultation, education, testing, recommendations, and progress tracking.

Following is a program guide outlining the details and costs:

Initial Consultation (45-90 minutes): $110-$210

• Introduction to the health and nutritional approach that we use to guide recommendations and healing suggestions.

• Review of your comprehensive health questionnaire (you will receive and should complete prior to appointment), medical history, family history, lifestyle and diet, current issues and concerns, health goals, list of medications and supplements, lab results, possible drug-induced nutrient deficiencies, etc.

• Education on nutritious eating and various lifestyle changes specific to your current situation that you can implement to begin your healing journey.

• Functional testing suggestions (based on the information you provide) to determine a personalized protocol to help you achieve your health goals.

Testing: $145-$485 (Based on Testing)

• Tests are individually priced. After your initial consultation, we will review specific tests for a brief overview of the test, sample report, and pricing. These tests may include: Micronutrient Test and GI Map Stool Test. Micronutrient Test targets comprehensive nutritional analysis of the body’s intracellular function, measures more than 30 selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential micronutrient within your white blood cells. GI Map Stool Test is for those that suffer from digestive issues. GI Map uses the latest and most advanced DNA testing to assess levels of healthy bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, yeast, viruses, and normal flora. It examines important markers of GI health like inflammation, immune function, digestion, and absorption.

• Consultation for review and analysis of the results is included in the cost of the test.

• Once test results have returned (typically 3-4 weeks), we will contact you to schedule your follow-up appointment. During this appointment, we will review all results and explain in detail how they relate to your current health status and also what action steps are needed to correct the imbalances that were uncovered.

• At this time, you will also receive all relevant education, lab results, and recommendations for use and reference at home.

Follow-up Consultation (30-60 minutes): $89 – $139

• Subsequent consultations are important and encouraged for assessing progress, fine-tuning regimens and protocols, and addressing any additional symptoms that were not initially reported or that have arisen since beginning a new protocol.

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